Curbside Pick Up & Store Hours

Update Curbside Pick Up & Store Hours

Hours of Operation

  • We are OPEN Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am to 4pm 
  • We are OPEN Online 24 hours a day.  You will have the option on check out if you would like Curbside Pick Up or to be Shipped 
  • If there is an item you would like you are best to purchase it online so you don’t miss out on it.   This way it is held for you, no one else can purchase it and it is very easy for me to refund you if needed 
  • When you arrive at the store please call us (705) 728-2838 and we will bring your parcel to the door/to your car. 

 Items to be Shipped

  • If you need any extra information (ie. measurements) to ensure this is the correct size for you please send us an email and we will reply with the information.  You are also welcome to call    (705) 728-2838

Purchases and Exchanges

  • If you pick up your items purchased online on the next available day that we are open for Curbside you will have one week to try the items on and return any for full refund.  You can do this with maximum 6 items at a time. I am adding this policy in because you are not able to try the clothes on at the store.
  • If they are not returned within one week you will instead receive a credit note up to two weeks from the date of pick up.  After two weeks there will be no exchange or refund and you would keep the items you have.
  • ie. You order and pay online on a Sunday, pick up is Tuesday and the final return day for refund is the next Tuesday (7 days later)

    We will continue to do facebook/instagram live weekly online please join our facebook and/or instagram pages so you don’t miss out.